tellmeaboutyourself is an AI-powered app designed to assist users in preparing for behavioral interviews. By uploading their resumes, users receive a fully personalized report within minutes. The app utilizes AI to extract relevant information from resumes and curates questions and answers tailored to the user"s skills, experience, and persona. Behavioral interviews are becoming increasingly common as they allow employers to assess a candidate"s personality, work style, and problem-solving abilities. Preparing for these interviews helps to reduce nervousness and allows candidates to showcase their strengths effectively. The generated report from tellmeaboutyourself helps users identify specific examples to illustrate their strengths and provides a structured framework for their interview responses. Unique features of the app include rapid report generation, immediate deletion of uploaded files, a free report for everyone, comprehensive coverage of 25+ questions and answers, and the ability to generate reports for 30+ job roles. Users can also sign up to receive notifications for upcoming features.