Teal Resume Builder


Teal is a free AI-powered career development platform that helps job seekers track and manage their job search applications. It offers a suite of tools to simplify the job search process, including a job tracker, resume builder, personalized recommendations, and the ability to save job listings from various job boards using a Chrome extension. Teal"s unique features include consolidating all job search information into one place, providing guidance and reminders throughout the process, and automating parts of the job search with insights and recommendations. Users can tailor their resumes for each job application using keywords from job descriptions and receive recommendations to improve their resumes. Teal also offers premium features for an upgrade, such as unlimited resumes, templates, and job tracking, advanced resume analysis, and unlimited email templates. Potential applications of Teal include enhancing resume quality, organizing and managing job search activities, saving time, and increasing the chances of landing a job.