Tango is an AI-powered client engagement platform and payment tool designed specifically for digital freelancers and agencies. It offers a range of features to help streamline the freelancer or agency workflow, including AI-powered information gathering, streamlined proposal approval, automated invoicing and payment, and simplified selling of add-on services. With Tango, users can set goals for AI forms, which dynamically ask questions to gather high-quality information, resulting in faster information gathering. The tool also provides sign-ready proposals that can be customized with scope, terms, payment, and contract details, resulting in faster signatures. Additionally, users can easily offer optional services for clients to purchase, enabling up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Tango also handles changes professionally by allowing clients to request changes, view what has been changed, and accept the changes with a single click. The tool"s automated invoicing feature offers configurable payment terms that are automatically enforced, enhancing cash flow and reducing administrative tasks by 55%. Overall, Tango aims to save freelancers and agencies time and effort by streamlining client engagement and administrative tasks, ultimately improving profitability and efficiency.