Talkio AI is a language training app for the browser that uses AI technology to improve oral language skills. It is built on top of ChatGPT and supports multiple languages, offering a diverse range of language options. The app features over 400 AI tutors with unique artificial personalities that mimic human interaction and conversation, creating an immersive language learning experience. Users can have voice conversations, practice pronunciation, choose from a wide range of topics, and receive instant feedback and translations. Talkio AI provides a safe and supportive environment for practicing speaking with confidence. The app offers various pricing tiers with a free 7-day trial, and it is secure, storing data in the EU. The AI is powered by OpenAI"s GPT-3 language model and uses Stripe for financial processing. It works on all modern browsers and mobile browsers. Talkio AI differentiates itself from Voice Control for ChatGPT by offering more language learning features, including premium voice technologies and integrated feedback. Overall, Talkio AI is a comprehensive language training tool that uses AI to help users improve their oral language skills in a convenient and engaging way.