syntheticAIdata is an AI platform that generates synthetic datasets to train vision AI models quickly and cost-effectively. It offers a simple three-step process: upload a 3D model, configure options, and download the generated data. The platform supports image classification, segmentation, and object detection tasks. It aims to accelerate the development of AI-powered applications by providing accurate and diverse training data. Users can integrate syntheticAIdata with various cloud-based services and easily import the generated data into their development environments. The tool is trusted by companies in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and retail. Its key features include the ability to import 3D models, choose from different backgrounds and lighting options, and support annotation types for object detection, segmentation, and classification. syntheticAIdata is part of the NVIDIA Inception program and is supported by Microsoft for Startups. The tool promises to shorten data collection time, minimize costs, reduce bias in training data, and improve the accuracy of AI models. It is aimed at both businesses and developers, offering services for generating datasets at scale and integration with cloud-based AI services. syntheticAIdata is positioned as an affordable and diverse solution for vision AI model training.