Synthesis Ai


This AI tool is a synthetic data platform that generates labeled training data for computer vision and perception AI. It aims to enable the development of more capable and ethical AI models. The platform provides on-demand creation of millions of perfectly labeled images and videos, using a combination of generative AI, procedural generation, and cinematic VFX rendering systems to deliver photorealistic visuals. It also offers diverse 3D human models built with generative AI and provides expanded sets of pixel-perfect labels, including segmentation maps, landmarks, depth maps, and surface normals. The tool has various applications across industries, such as ID verification, automotive driver monitoring, avatar creation, virtual fashion, AI fitness, teleconferencing, visual effects, security, AR/VR/XR development, in-cabin automotive modeling, autonomy pedestrian detection, and virtual try-on. It has been recommended for researchers using deep learning-based methods. Overall, this tool provides a scalable and ethical solution for generating high-quality labeled data to improve the performance of computer vision and perception AI models.