Sybill is an AI personal assistant designed specifically for sales teams. It automates CRM updates, crafts follow-up emails, and provides valuable insights from customer interactions. Sybill"s key features include accurate and human-like call summaries, synced with CRM systems like Slack, as well as the ability to eliminate non-revenue generating activities through AI-powered automation. It can understand sales conversations to write CRM updates and follow-up emails, saving time and increasing efficiency. Sybill also offers features such as objective forecasting, deal visibility, and personalized follow-up emails based on call summaries. It can understand buyer intent through engagement and sentiment data and provides tailored summaries to drive alignment across the organization. Additionally, Sybill offers metrics on buyer engagement and excitement to help sales teams improve their sales conversations. This AI tool is used by over 300 companies and has been praised for its accuracy and time-saving capabilities.