Supertone is an AI audio technology tool that specializes in singing and acting voice separation and synthesis. Their proprietary technology allows creators to produce hyperrealistic and expressive results in content creation. Supertone offers a variety of products, including Voice Gene Designer for cloning or creating new voices, Voice Content Creator for creating singing and dialogue content, Real-Time Voice Converter for interactive content creation, and Real-Time Voice Separator for separating voices from noisy environments. Their AI technology, such as Singing Voice Synthesis and Controllable Voice Conversion, enables users to train on melodies, lyrics, or scripts to create the desired voice with full control. Supertone can be used in various applications, such as music production, video content production, game development, and voice identity for branding. They prioritize ethical AI practices by respecting voice ownership, handling data with care, and respecting creative culture. Collaboration opportunities are available for interested parties.