Supernormal is an AI tool that automatically transcribes and writes meeting notes for Google Meet. It saves users five to ten minutes per meeting by instantly generating shareable notes that can be saved to various platforms including Google Drive, Notion, Quip, Slack, Hubspot, and Salesforce. Supernormal helps users stay engaged in meetings by eliminating the need for multitasking and allows them to highlight important notes. It integrates with CRM and ATS systems like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Workable to help users close the loop. The tool also offers calendar integration, the ability to record audio and video, and supports multiple languages. Supernormal is trusted by 50,000+ people and can be used for various types of meetings, such as strategy meetings, project meetings, sales calls, and HR interviews. Overall, Supernormal aims to streamline and improve the meeting documentation process, saving time and enhancing productivity.