Suit Me Up is an AI tool that creates ultra-realistic pictures of individuals wearing suits. Users can upload their own photos and the tool uses AI to generate pictures of them in different suits. The generated pictures can be used for various purposes such as resumes, LinkedIn profiles, or even Tinder. The tool accepts .png and .jpg pictures and it is recommended to upload 10 to 20 pictures with a mix of close ups, chest ups, and full body shots. Once the payment is approved, the generation of the pictures takes around 25 to 45 minutes. The tool assures users that their uploaded pictures, created AI models, and generated pictures are stored for only 30 days before being deleted. The creator of the tool is Alex, a French solopreneur who developed the website using Astria, Firebase, Vue.js, and Bulma. Overall, Suit Me Up simplifies the process of obtaining professional and realistic pictures of individuals in suits for various applications.