StyleDrop is an AI tool that enables the generation of high-quality images from text prompts in any given style. It uses a text-to-image generative vision transformer called Muse, which can capture the nuances and details of a user-provided style, such as color schemes, shading, design patterns, and local and global effects. StyleDrop fine-tunes very few trainable parameters to learn a new style efficiently, and it can improve the quality of generated images through iterative training with either human or automated feedback. What sets StyleDrop apart is its ability to deliver impressive results even when the user supplies only a single image as a reference for the desired style. This tool can be used for various applications, including stylized text-to-image generation, generating alphabets with a consistent style, and collaborating with your own style assistant for quick prototyping. StyleDrop outperforms existing methods based on diffusion models in terms of style-tuning.