STRATxAI is an AI-powered investing tool that aims to revolutionize the way individual investors manage and grow their portfolios. It offers a collection of ready-made, data-driven investing strategies that users can easily implement in their own brokerage accounts. These strategies are designed to outperform the market and are regularly tested against the S&P 500. STRATxAI provides a user-friendly interface to browse and select investing strategies, and users have the flexibility to trade with any broker of their choice. They also have the option to connect their account with commission-free brokers, Interactive Brokers, or Alpaca Markets for secure, automated trading. The platform"s AI companion, SAM, powered by ChatGPT and extensively trained in STRATxAI methods, helps users make informed investment decisions. Additionally, STRATxAI offers the XPLORE feature, allowing users to create and test their own investment strategies, inspired by hedge funds. The tool provides educational resources, including masterclasses, webinars, and investing guides to help users improve their skills and knowledge. Overall, STRATxAI simplifies the investment process, eliminates emotional decision-making, and brings advanced financial tools to everyday investors.