Description is an online video making software that uses AI technology to help anyone create professional videos and animations in minutes. It is the world"s fastest way to create videos, allowing users to go from text to video in a flash. Users can simply paste their text into the script editor and the AI will automatically select the most relevant assets, making the video creation process effortless. also offers the ability to repurpose blog posts into videos, convert audio files into videos, and personalize videos for different purposes and audiences. The tool provides a massive collection of over 100 million assets to choose from, including AI avatars and templates for animated videos. Users can customize their videos, upload their own assets, and integrate branding, all while producing stunning 4K quality videos in minutes. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive process, is a popular choice for marketing teams, social media agencies, and corporate communications. It has been trusted by leading brands across the world and has been awarded as the most innovative AI solution in 2022.