Steamship is an AI tool that allows users to build, scale, and monitor AI Agents. It provides serverless cloud hosting, vector search, webhooks, callbacks, and more. With Steamship, users can create AI Agents with various functionalities such as creating GPT bots, generating DALL-E images, uploading PDFs and YouTube videos for question-answering bots, and generating spoken audio. The tool offers a comprehensive guide for building powerful agents and allows users to share their creations with the community on Discord. Steamship also features an SDK for building agents with low-code Python. It offers effortless scaling of agent fleets, supports multi-tenancy, versioning, and integrates with third-party options. Users can monitor their agents" behavior, review task history, access invocation logs, and track usage across AI providers. Overall, Steamship is a versatile tool that enables users to easily develop, deploy, and manage AI Agents for various applications.