Staircase Ai


Staircase AI is a Customer Intelligence and Analytics platform that uses AI to help businesses uncover churn risks and identify growth opportunities. It can analyze millions of customer signals from various communication sources such as email, calendar, tickets, product usage, Slack, and calls, and turn them into actionable insights. The AI-powered platform automatically merges and interprets these signals to provide real-time alerts on churn risks, growth opportunities, health scores, sentiment scores, and more. With Staircase AI, teams can act proactively using the AI-Responder, which offers personalized suggestions and automates repetitive tasks. The tool integrates with popular tools like CRM systems, task management platforms, product analytics tools, and communication tools. Its applications span across customer-facing teams, such as customer success, marketing, sales, support, and CX, helping them optimize the customer journey, improve customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.