Stableboost is a suite of AI tools that allows users to create artwork using artificial intelligence. With over 50,000 users, the tool offers various features such as turning words into art, editing images with words, and creating personalized AI photoshoots. Users can upload photos and train an AI model to generate portraits in different styles, such as for individuals, couples, dogs, or cats. The tool emphasizes privacy, stating that uploaded photos are only used for training the model and users have full ownership of the generated images, with the ability to delete their model at any time. The tool also offers AI native filters that learn and recommend similar images based on user preferences. It is mentioned that all images generated are licensed under CreativeML Open RAIL-M license and can be used for commercial purposes. The tool offers refunds for unused credits but not for generated models or images. Overall, Stableboost is a versatile AI tool that enables users to tap into their creativity and create unique artwork using AI technology.