Spreadsheet Converter


The Spreadsheet to Calculator Converter is an AI tool that allows users to convert their spreadsheets into embeddable and secure calculators. It supports over 400 formulae from various fields such as math, finance, and science, making it a powerful tool for businesses. With this tool, users can create custom calculators for their business using their existing spreadsheet skills. They can integrate these calculators into their workspace or website using embed code. The tool offers several unique features, such as the ability to generate checklists dynamically, customize offerings for customers, and implement lean manufacturing principles. It also provides standardization of processes, easy recipe creation, and assurance of quality with checklists. The tool saves time by automating manual calculations, and users can save at least 5 minutes each time they use the calculators. There are different pricing plans available, including a small plan that allows users to create up to 10 calculators with unlimited users. The tool offers priority email support and ensures privacy and secure embedding. It also provides a custom enterprise-grade calculator platform for businesses with additional features available upon request. Users can start with a single calculator and experience the benefits of customization for their business. The FAQ section answers common queries about the tool, including its sheet limit, supported formulae, and implementation assistance. The tool is supported by the founder, who is a qualified engineer and offers competent support.