Spectre is an AI-powered camera app for iPhone that allows you to capture unique and stunning photos. Its primary feature is the ability to take photos of crowded touristy places and erase the crowd from the image, revealing the location without any people. It also has a mode for capturing beautiful light trails in nighttime city photography or light painting. Spectre saves the entire exposure process as a Live Photo, so you can re-play the exposure and share it as a still or video. The app is packed with advanced technologies like scene detection, image stabilization, and machine learning to ensure the best image quality. It is designed with a dark UI that is gentle on the eyes and has a user-friendly interface that is easily usable with one hand. Spectre showcases the latest tech, including wide color gamut, live photos, and metal graphics acceleration. Overall, Spectre is a powerful tool for capturing unique and stunning photos, with a range of features and advanced technologies to enhance your photography experience.