Sku Fetch is an AI tool designed to facilitate the process of product fetching, preparation, and listing on various marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more. The tool supports over 600 suppliers from multiple countries and provides features such as expert item finder to identify high-margin products, multiple templates for easy editing, keyword finder for optimizing listings, and competition finder to analyze competitor data. Sku Fetch also allows users to batch process multiple products, rewrite and expand product descriptions using Open AI, and add reviews from supporting websites. Unique features include the ability to create bundles and access virtual assistants for easy management. The tool supports various listers and can integrate with Sku Runner and repricers/price checkers. It retrieves comprehensive product information including title, price, stock level, shipping price, description, features, specs, images, and bundles from suppliers. Sku Fetch offers a range of pricing options based on the number of items processed per month and is free for Sku Grid users.