SiteGuide is an AI tool that helps websites provide 24/7 answers to their visitors" questions. It allows visitors to ask questions out loud, and SiteGuide will provide instant answers and guide them to the relevant information on the website. This tool aims to prevent visitors from leaving when they cannot find what they are looking for. Additionally, SiteGuide can identify what information visitors are searching for and help website owners add the content that will lead to more sales. SiteGuide is especially useful for reaching audiences with browsing challenges, such as older adults, those with low-vision, or dyslexia. Unlike ChatGPT, SiteGuides are trained specifically on the website they are implemented on, ensuring accurate and targeted responses. It can be easily integrated into Wix websites with just one line of code. Overall, SiteGuide enhances the customer experience by providing instant answers and helping them find the information they need, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and potentially improving conversion rates.