Sendsteps is an AI-powered interactive presentation tool that streamlines the presentation creation process and saves valuable time. The tool uses AI to handle writing, design, and storytelling, leaving the user with nothing to do but present. It is trusted by over 1,000,000 users and leading companies, and offers a range of features and benefits for business, education, and events. In business, the tool saves time and encourages active engagement for better meeting results, while in education, it promotes effective communication, student understanding, and motivation. During events, Sendsteps enhances participant enjoyment and provides a unique, immersive, and memorable experience. The tool allows users to create presentations in multiple ways, including using an AI presentation maker, starting from scratch, uploading a document, or importing PowerPoint. Users can define and approve the layout and then start presenting, with design, content, pictures, and interactive elements created automatically. The tool offers pre-made templates and the ability to generate presentations with AI. Testimonials from satisfied users highlight its dynamic nature, ease of use, effectiveness in enhancing understanding, promoting dialogue, and engaging the audience. Sendsteps also offers AI tools for crafting effective investor pitch decks, enhancing learning outcomes, and maximizing efficiency in business presentations. Users can start using Sendsteps for free, with no credit card required and two free AI presentations included.