Sendero Ai


Sendero is an AI tool designed for enterprise teams to maximize their use of Webflow and Maintenance Plans. It offers a range of AI-powered features and power-ups, including a headless database, GPT integration, content generation, and content scheduling. Sendero can automatically generate Webflow content based on existing text and provide complete hands-off autonomy for managing a Webflow site. With over 34 AI tools, Sendero can assist with blog creation, business tools, and syncing AI-generated content directly into Webflow. It has helped numerous startups with branding, Webflow MVPs, and pitch decks. The tool also offers comprehensive design and development services, including ongoing maintenance plans, ROI-focused design, and press outreach. Sendero is focused on empowering teams and providing AI and no-code solutions for secure positioning and successful projects. Plans start at $999 per month and include a free trial option.