Segment Anything


Segment Anything is an AI tool developed by Meta AI that utilizes a promptable segmentation system to quickly and accurately "cut out" objects from images. This tool can segment any object in any image with a single click, even if it is unfamiliar. It achieves zero-shot generalization, meaning it can segment unfamiliar objects and images without the need for additional training. The tool"s promptable design allows for flexible integration with other systems, such as taking input prompts from AR/VR headsets or object detectors. The output masks generated by the tool can be used as inputs for other AI systems, enabling a wide range of applications including video tracking, image editing, 3D modeling, and creative tasks. The tool"s advanced capabilities are the result of training on millions of images and masks collected through a model-in-the-loop "data engine." The model has been trained on a dataset of over 1.1 billion segmentation masks, and its efficient design allows for fast inference on both GPUs and CPUs. The tool is currently focused on images and individual frames from videos and is implemented in PyTorch with code available on GitHub.