Scribble To Art


Scribble to Art is an AI tool that allows users to transform their sketches into stunning art in various styles. Users can either paint directly in the app or upload existing sketches and select from styles such as Realistic, Digital, Anime, 3D, Studio Ghibli, Retro, and Low Poly, among others. The process involves four easy steps: painting or uploading a sketch, providing a description of the sketch, selecting a style, and clicking generate. The tool also offers the option to upscale the generated image up to 4 times and download it. Users can see examples of art generated by others and read positive customer reviews. The generated artworks are copyright-free and can be used commercially. The tool also provides an FAQ section to answer common queries about artwork copyright, data storage, payments, refunds, and subscription cancellation. Overall, Scribble to Art provides a user-friendly platform for turning sketches into professional-looking art, with a wide range of style options and the ability to create high-quality, copyright-free images. It has applications in various fields, such as digital art, illustration, graphic design, and presentations.