ScantextAI is an AI tool that instantly converts images, photos, screenshots, and scanned documents into editable text. Using OCR technology, ScantextAI accurately extracts text from various image formats and saves it in PDF or Word format. It supports 50+ languages and allows users to edit the extracted text before saving. The tool is useful for industries like finance, healthcare, and document management, as it improves accuracy and efficiency in extracting text from images. ScantextAI prioritizes user privacy by not storing files and ensuring that only the user has access to their uploaded files. It simplifies the conversion process and makes previously unsearchable text in images accessible. Students, professionals, and businesses can utilize ScantextAI to streamline office tasks, digitize personal documents, organize notes, and transform handwritten notes and printed texts into editable formats. The tool is free to use, simplifying document conversion and saving users money. Overall, ScantextAI is a user-friendly AI tool that offers high accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in converting images to text, benefiting a wide range of applications and users.