Room AI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to redesign their rooms with ease. With access to over 40 interior design styles, users can try out different designs and visualize how their spaces would look without the need for downloads or installations. The tool offers two main functionalities: restyle and generate. Users can either upload an image of their existing room to see how it would look with different design preferences or design a new room from scratch with specified design preferences and generate photo-realistic renders. The tool also provides options for different types of rooms, colors, and materials, allowing users to customize their designs. Room AI has applications for various users, including homeowners looking to envision their dream homes, interior designers seeking to generate design ideas quickly, real estate agents aiming to showcase multiple interior design possibilities, and architects wanting to simplify their design process. The tool"s user-friendly interface and collaboration with industry experts make it stand out from competitors, providing customization options and suggestions to cater effectively to users" needs. While Room AI can be a complete solution for many users, it can also complement the expertise of interior designers by augmenting their skills with AI technology. Payment is secure through Stripe, and user data is handled with strict privacy measures. Room AI was developed by Marc Köhlbrugge, who incorporated AI technology to offer affordable services while maintaining a sustainable business model.