RightJoin is an AI tool designed to help data scientists ace their real job interviews by providing them with extensive practice through mock interviews. Users can take unlimited mock interviews with the AI data scientist and receive feedback on their performance. The tool offers customized mock interviews tailored to specific companies, allowing users to improve their skills and build confidence. RightJoin provides instant feedback on overall performance as well as on individual answers. Users can set goals, such as targeting specific dream companies or improving their storytelling, and track their progress. The tool also has a community feature where users can support and learn from each other. RightJoin works by creating a candidate profile, setting up an interview based on a job posting or specific topic, and conducting the interview with the AI interview bot. Users receive detailed performance assessments to identify areas for improvement and can repeat the process until they are ready. Overall, RightJoin is a comprehensive AI tool that offers personalized mock interviews and feedback to help data scientists prepare for their real interviews and land their dream jobs.