ResponseBrain is an AI tool that automates customer support by training an artificial intelligence on your business information. It can generate usable customer support emails, drastically reducing the time spent on customer service. Powered by advances in AI, ResponseBrain can be trained on various content sources like FAQs, help center articles, and blog posts, allowing it to competently answer user questions. It works with any email system and requires no technical setup. Additionally, ResponseBrain is available as a mobile app for easy access to your AI assistant. Users can create their own AI customer support assistant with a free trial that takes only 2 minutes to set up. The AI supports around 95 languages and generates responses in just a few seconds. While the AI"s responses are generally reliable, it is recommended to read through and edit the responses if necessary. ResponseBrain is GDPR compliant and respects user privacy. Overall, this tool enables businesses to streamline and automate their customer support process using AI technology.