Resemble is an AI voice generator tool that allows users to create realistic human-like voiceovers quickly and easily. With features such as text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, neural audio editing, and language dubbing, Resemble offers a comprehensive generative voice AI toolkit. Users can clone their own voices for free and add various emotions to their voiceovers, including happiness, sadness, and anger. The tool also allows for precise control over inflection and intonation when transforming one"s voice into a target voice. Resemble supports over 60 languages, making it suitable for reaching a global audience. It offers flexible APIs for developers to integrate the tool into their workflows and provides various integrations with popular tools. Additionally, Resemble"s Python package, Resemblyzer, allows for voice analysis and comparison using deep learning techniques. The tool also offers a Unity plugin for creating unity voices and speech assets, as well as a sample code for integrating with Alexa skills and GPT-3 for dynamically generating text. Resemble has been featured in the news for its AI-generated voice capabilities and its localization and translation tools.