Rep AI Home is an AI sales concierge chatbot developed by Shopify that aims to provide a guided shopping experience for customers. It utilizes two AI technologies: the Rescue Algorithm and ChatGPT. The chatbot is designed to handle the entire shopping experience, including product-related queries and checkout, within a chat interface. Rep AI constantly scans the website for updates and offers multi-language support, contextual conversations, and 24/7 service. It understands natural language and assists customers in finding the products they are looking for quickly. The chatbot also recommends complementary products for upselling. The Rescue Algorithm predicts when a shopper is about to leave the site with a high accuracy rate and engages them in a conversation to bring them back. Rep AI is compatible with various Shopify apps and can seamlessly integrate with other tools like email, SMS, live chat, and customer support platforms. It does not require any changes to the existing support stack and can handle tickets and show product reviews. The tool has been praised by merchants for increasing conversion rates, revenue, and average order value. It is described as a game-changer and an innovative tool for boosting eCommerce sales.