The RapidMiner platform is an enterprise-ready data science tool that helps businesses leverage the power of people, expertise, and data for a competitive advantage. It offers a comprehensive set of features to support the entire analytics lifecycle, including data engineering, model building, ML ops, AI app building, collaboration, and governance. RapidMiner enables users to connect, acquire, explore, prepare, catalog, and pipeline their data, as well as streamline model creation through automated, visual, and code-based approaches. It simplifies operations, allows for easy deployment, evaluation, comparison, monitoring, management, and swapping of models. The platform also offers a no-code approach to putting models and insights into the hands of decision-makers, facilitating open communication, easy sharing, and widespread re-use of work while ensuring compliance with policies and regulations. RapidMiner instills trust and transparency in AI by providing explainable AI capabilities, allowing users to understand how models make predictions and expose downstream ROI. With over 1 million global users and excellent user satisfaction, RapidMiner is suitable for domains experts, data science experts, IT professionals, and leaders. It offers industry-specific solutions across sectors like manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, automotive, CPG, retail, insurance, life sciences, and energy. RapidMiner is known for its smart automated machine learning capabilities and provides a user-friendly interface for easy model generation.