Raizer is an AI-powered tool that helps startups find the perfect investors for their fundraising efforts. By pulling data from various sources, including public internet resources and personal networks, and using machine learning algorithms, Raizer provides a database of over 38,000 verified investors. The tool offers various features, such as filtering investors by type, industry, geographical location, and stage. It ensures that the listed investors are active and have made deals in the past 12 months, eliminating "fake" VCs. Raizer also provides up-to-date databases and new investor listings every week. Users can craft personalized messages using Raizer"s built-in AI messaging generation or write messages manually. Startups can easily send their pitches to investors with just one click. Raizer has gained the trust and positive feedback from founders across various industries, who appreciate its ability to save time and increase the success rate of cold email outreach. Ultimately, Raizer aims to simplify the fundraising process and allow startups to focus on other aspects of their business.