RADiCAL is an AI-powered 3D animation tool that uses computer vision technology to detect and reconstruct 3D human motion from 2D content. It can be accessed through the cloud and used on any device, without the need for specialized hardware or suits. The tool supports real-time 3D human virtualization, allowing users to upload videos for cloud processing and export FBX data. It also offers a live early access feature for real-time, multiplayer 3D virtualization. RADiCAL provides seamless integrations with other software, allowing users to easily connect their animations into their own 3D environments. It supports education, offering reduced pricing for students and educators, and aims to be implemented in various industries such as film, TV, gaming, AR/VR, and health applications. The RADiCAL team includes experts in computer vision, deep learning, and web development, and has received support from EpicGames and NVIDIA Omniverse.