Qwai-ghostwriter AI is an AI tool developed by Qualped that helps users author their future by writing a blueprint for their life. It allows users to engage in conversation with a ghostwriter AI robot named Qwai to plan and outline the sections and chapters of their future simsbook, a multimedia smartbook that serves as the blueprint for designing their future. Qwai helps users generate a manuscript, which is then used to produce the simsbook with the help of designers. The simsbook is published on the Qualped Library, an ecommerce platform where users" stories can generate revenue. This tool combines design thinking, creative writing, and authoring to give users the ability to imagine and create the life they aspire to love. By becoming a member of the Qualped Club, users gain access to a series of tools, technology, teachings, and training to cultivate the mindset and lifestyle needed to author their future. Qwai-ghostwriter AI aims to empower individuals to take control of their future and become authors of their own lives.