Quordata is an AI-powered investment research tool that simplifies the process of gathering and analyzing information for making better investment decisions. It enables users to search for any company and aggregates text data from various sources such as Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and the Wall Street Journal. The tool uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the text data and provides key metrics and insights in an easy-to-understand format through custom dashboards. These dashboards include an executive summary with AI explanations, sentiment metrics, sentiment over time analysis, and composition of sources. Quordata offers both a free basic plan and a pro plan, with the pro plan providing unlimited access to real-time metrics, advanced AI-driven analysis, and priority access to new features and updates. Users can also join the mailing list to stay updated on product releases and future developments. Potential applications for Quordata include tracking public sentiment, identifying larger sentiment trends on social media, and reducing the time spent on gathering information from various sources.