Pth.AI is an AI-powered tool that goes beyond chat functionality to guide professional business users in achieving their goals. By asking questions and creating steps, Pth.AI makes it easier to interact with AI systems. This tool offers several benefits, including guided domain exploration, the ability to drill-down without losing context, and relevant AI-context always being in memory. It is designed for various professionals such as product managers, salespeople, marketers, founders, developers, freelancers, and job seekers. Pth.AI works by allowing users to define their objectives, providing personalized action plans based on preferences and progress, facilitating collaborative goal achievement through personalized recommendations, and ultimately helping users gain insights and take action towards their goals with confidence. The key features of Pth.AI include AI-driven capabilities, tailored support for non-experts, and personalized recommendations. The tool is free to try, and user privacy is protected according to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.