Protection Guard


Prediction Guard is an AI tool that provides controlled and compliant output from Large Language Models (LLMs). It allows developers to enforce structure and types on the output of LLMs, ensuring reliable and immediately integratable outputs for enterprise systems. With Prediction Guard, users can overcome AI compliance issues by hosting models in a SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA compliant manner. The tool also prevents leakages of IP and PII by not storing any data sent to LLMs. It offers easy-to-use checks on the consistency, factuality, and toxicity of LLM outputs. Additionally, Prediction Guard enables users to integrate and ensemble the latest models via a consistent API, making it easy to swap between models. It can be integrated with popular frameworks and offers features like chaining, retrieval, agents, and evaluation. Prediction Guard was created by Daniel Whitenack, a trusted leader in AI/ML with expertise in developing and deploying machine learning systems. It is loved by enterprise AI practitioners for its efficiency in development and its ability to solve the main problems faced while working with language models. Pricing is based on the volume of predictions needed and includes access to hosted versions of the latest LLMs. Enterprise users can contact sales for volume discounts, self-hosted deployments, and HIPAA compliance options.