Prodia is an AI-powered tool that allows developers to easily incorporate generative AI into their applications. It provides an API for image generation from text, delivering fast results in just a few seconds. Prodia stands out for its blazing speed, allowing for instant transformation of text into stunning visuals. It also offers fair pricing, reducing text-to-image production expenses by 50% to 90% compared to traditional cloud solutions. With over 10,000 GPUs and the ability to generate 50 million images, Prodia is built to scale and can handle large application requirements. It features a variety of image models, such as Stable Diffusion 1.5, Deliberate, Elldreth, Open Journey, and many others. It offers a playground for experimentation, allowing users to try out AI image generation for free. Prodia has been used in various applications, including generating NFT collections, visually representing dreams, and generating spectrograms for music models. Overall, Prodia is a versatile and powerful tool that brings AI-generated images to apps with ease and efficiency, while also offering cost savings.