Procys is an AI-powered document processing tool that aims to save businesses time and money by automating the extraction of data from invoices. The tool allows users to upload files in various formats and channels such as pdf, scan, or image, and automatically interprets and labels each fragment of the document in the correct fields. It is six times faster than manual processing, taking less than 30 seconds. Procys can save and validate invoices automatically, learning from mistakes to ensure error-free processing. Once processed, the data can be exported in a structured way in formats like UBL, CSV, or through an API. The tool is compatible with various accounting and management systems, allowing users to connect with tools like Microsoft Business Central, Twinfield, Quickbooks, Zapier, and Holded for optimized workflow. Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the success and benefits of using Procys. The tool has a guiding mission to make work more enjoyable and efficient by automating routine tasks.