Privacy Lock For Global Compliance


Penta Privacy Lock is an AI tool designed to help businesses comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and responsibly manage consumer information. It offers various features to automate and simplify data privacy compliance, powered by Penta Network"s blockchain technology. The tool helps businesses reduce compliance risk, avoid hefty fines, automate data privacy management, and protect customer privacy. It features data inventory management to track customer information, data mapping to tag and track consumer information without disrupting business operations, and consumer request management to automate request handling. It also includes a notification center to manage notices to consumers and updated privacy agreements, vendor management to track data interactions with vendors, consent management to implement real-time consumer consent requests, auditing and reporting capabilities, and blockchain certificates for a robust audit trail and time stamps for data interactions. The tool aims to provide a complete turnkey solution for CCPA compliance and offers pricing starting as low as $50/month.