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ThirdAI is an AI tool that aims to make advanced AI technologies, such as large language models, accessible to all organizations. Unlike traditional AI tools that require GPUs or custom processors, ThirdAI"s technology can be built and deployed on commodity hardware, such as CPUs, with ultra-low latency inference. The tool allows users to classify, personalize, and generate content using large language models. It offers applications in various areas, including search, recommendations, chatbots, virtual assistants, machine translation, and sentiment analysis. ThirdAI differentiates itself by enabling users to pre-train models on their own data, leading to higher accuracy and personalization. The tool also boasts features such as Unified Interference, which supports a wide range of machine learning tasks, and the ability to achieve extremely fast inference on standard CPUs. Additionally, ThirdAI emphasizes the production-readiness, explainability, and sustainability of its AI solutions.