Description is an AI-driven plagiarism checker tool that offers both free and paid plagiarism reports. It has several unique features, such as the ability to check documents of any size and support for 129 languages. The tool has a database of billions of articles, including over 80 million scholarly articles, allowing users to compare their papers against a wide range of sources."s plagiarism detection algorithm can detect various types of plagiarism, including copy-paste, improper reference, and paraphrase plagiarism. It provides users with detailed reports that include similarity scores, plagiarism risk scores, and information about paraphrases and improper citations. The tool also offers real-time checks to detect similarities with recently published articles. provides full privacy and does not store users" personal data. It is free for educational use, allowing teachers and professors to check up to 20 documents and see up to 20 similarity reports per month for free. Overall, is a powerful and versatile plagiarism checker tool with extensive language support, a large database of articles, and comprehensive features for detecting and correcting plagiarism.