PimEyes is an AI-powered online tool that functions as both a facial recognition search engine and a reverse image search tool. It allows users to upload a photo or take one using their device"s camera, and then uses face recognition technology to search the internet for similar images or pictures that contain the uploaded face. PimEyes can be used to find out where your photos are published online, monitor your online presence, track down image rights, and protect your privacy. It is particularly useful for identifying copyright infringement. Additionally, PimEyes offers the option to exclude your face from its search results. Unlike other reverse image search engines, PimEyes is able to display not only similar photos to the uploaded image, but also images that feature the uploaded face in different contexts, with others, or with different hairstyles, thanks to its focus on the face rather than the entire picture. PimEyes is a subscription-based service with different pricing plans available.