Phrasee is an AI-powered platform for enterprise marketers that generates, tests, and optimizes content for improved efficiency and results at scale. With its generative AI capabilities, Phrasee helps marketers generate billions of on-brand, high-performing marketing messages across various digital channels. The platform offers brand controls to maintain consistency and unique tone, predicts the best-performing content based on data, automates experimentation at scale, and provides real-time language insights and performance reporting. Phrasee can be used to enhance various aspects of marketing, including driving purchase completion, optimizing promotional content, improving customer loyalty and retention, and re-engaging lapsed customers. It supports digital channels such as email, push notifications, SMS, web and app, and social media. With self-serve capabilities, Phrasee allows marketers to easily generate AI-powered content that sounds like it was written by human copywriters, test message variants in real-time, and create data-driven content.