Sage is an AI assistant tool that can be used on various platforms, including online workspaces, social media, advertising, and more. Its primary goal is to enhance efficiency and speed in completing tasks. One of its unique features is the ability to transfer data quickly and easily to chosen inputs, eliminating the need for copy-pasting. Sage also offers shortcut prompts, conversation history, and smart summarization, allowing users to save time and quickly understand important information. It can generate compelling titles and descriptions for products, helping to increase sales and present products in a professional manner. Sage even helps advertisers by generating ad copy based on the target audience characteristics provided. Additionally, it can assist with complex formulas in Google Sheets by generating the appropriate formulas or code. The tool has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its ability to summarize articles, improve content quality, and save time. Overall, Sage is a versatile AI assistant that aims to improve productivity across various tasks and platforms.