PAXTON is an AI assistant designed for legal, regulatory, and compliance professionals. It combines Generative AI with Regulatory Intelligence to help users stay informed, track, and comply with US State and Federal laws, rules, and regulations. The platform offers features such as continuous monitoring and analysis of regulatory updates, tracking public regulatory filings, customizing regulatory approaches using personal policies and procedures, querying regulatory chatbots for complex questions, drafting and reviewing regulatory documents, and auditing business operations for potential regulatory violations. PAXTON aims to save time and increase efficiency by automating manual research and providing instant access to relevant insights. It ensures accuracy by retrieving real-time regulatory intelligence directly from regulator websites and providing transparent sourcing. By handling primary research and interpretation, PAXTON allows professionals to focus on more strategic tasks, enhancing productivity and enabling informed decision-making. The platform also offers collaboration features for easy sharing, generating ideas, and commenting on documents. Testimonials from users highlight PAXTON"s ability to transform decision-making, simplify regulatory compliance, and streamline processes.