OpenRead is an AI-powered tool that aims to revolutionize the way we interact with research papers. It offers several features to make the research process faster and more efficient. With OpenRead, users can access the core value of a paper in just 5 minutes through its extensive reading mode. Users can also ask questions about a paper and receive quick responses within seconds, eliminating the need for tedious reading. The tool also includes a Paper Espresso feature that uses NLP to generate literature reviews, saving users time. OpenRead"s AI technology extracts figures, formulas, and tables from papers and allows users to interact with them through hyperlinks. The platform also offers a powerful note-taking system that connects all notes and supports backlinks and outgoing links, enhancing note organization and referencing. Additionally, OpenRead provides free and pre-built journal paper templates, freeing users from complex publishing templates. The tool utilizes cutting-edge natural language processing to accelerate the reading process for everyone. In the future, OpenRead plans to introduce a low-code paper editor and seminars on insightful topics. OpenRead is not just for open access papers, it aims to foster an open-minded research community that encourages the sharing of ideas. The tool aspires to eliminate paywalls, simplify publishing templates, and integrate notes and writing tools. It invites users to join its university alliance and become partners in their ambition to bring knowledge back to the forefront.