Once Upon A Bot


Once Upon a Bot is an AI tool that allows users to create unique children"s stories. By providing a story idea, the AI writes a story from scratch. Users can then read, edit, export, and share their creations. The tool offers the ability to create endless illustrated stories on any topic, allowing users to be the star of their own story by uploading photos of themselves. Users can also choose a narrator from a variety of options, such as wizards, robots, and animals, to bring their story to life. OnceUponABot adjusts the reading level to the user"s preferred age range and supports writing stories in any language, automatically translating them if needed. The tool also enables users to edit, export, and share their stories, either through PDF or by sharing a link. Once Upon a Bot combines two AI models, GPT-3 and Stable Diffusion, to power its story generation capabilities. The tool is suitable for parents with young kids, teachers, and adults learning English. It is particularly useful for improving reading skills and fostering creativity in children. OnceUponABot offers a free trial, making it a fun and engaging tool for both children and adults to create new stories and explore the latest in AI technology.