ObfusCat is an AI-powered code assistant that focuses on code privacy. It offers a solution for users of ChatGPT, an AI code completion tool, who are concerned about the legal implications of sharing code with third parties. ObfusCat adds an extra layer of security by masking the user"s private code before sending it to ChatGPT. It ensures that the processing occurs locally, so the unmasked code never leaves the user"s machine. ObfusCat"s algorithm conceals the semantic context of the code while preserving the syntax. It can be used for automated tests, bug fixing, and code explanation, providing suggestions, insights, and explanations to enhance the development process. ObfusCat also has enhanced features for businesses, including a curated secrets list, focused prompts, and prompt safeguard. Overall, ObfusCat enables developers to utilize the power of AI code completion while keeping their code private and secure.