Nuclia is an AI tool that offers AI search and generative answers for knowledge. It automatically indexes unstructured data from various sources, providing optimized search results and generative answers. The tool can handle video and audio transcription, image content extraction, and document parsing. Users can search data using keywords or natural language in multiple languages. Nuclia can be integrated into applications using a low-code web component or an open SDK. It offers a variety of data ingestion methods, including desktop apps, REST API, web app, Chrome extension, and CLI. Nuclia"s data storage solutions include storing data on its own cloud or in a hybrid solution where data is stored locally. The tool simplifies the process of building an AI-powered search engine by extracting text, processing it with AI algorithms, indexing it in a database optimized for semantic search, and delivering hybrid search results. Nuclia is suitable for businesses and developers in various industries and provides cost and time-saving benefits. It has been used effectively by companies such as Wuolah, Atlas Group, and Central Catalonia University to improve content quality, comply with regulations, and enhance data discoverability.